Various conditions of the kidney, hyperactive thyroids or heart conditions can cause your animal to suffer from high blood pressure. Through hypertension the animal may develop complications such as detachment of the retina causing blindness.

To measure the blood pressure we place an inflatable cuff around the paw. The veterinarian listens to the heart rate and in that way determines the systolic blood pressure. Compared to people where both systolic and diastolic pressure is measured in animals this is the only measurement we take.

It is very important that your animal is as calm as possible during the measurements. Please ensure that you come to the practice early so your pet can relax after the stress of transportation.

In both our clinics in Voorschoten and Leiden we are capable of measuring your pets blood pressure.

Should we find hypertension we can control this easily with medication. Regular checks are necessary to determine and maintain the correct dose rate.

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